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Biology Class


About Us

Inspired by a life-long pursuit of equality and equity in education, Nova X-STREAM, INC started "The Nyla Nova Foundation" 501(c)(3) in 2021 and has been working hard with the help of our members and volunteers to help all learners by providing them with the tools they need to be the BEST they can be by increasing their confidence and achieving higher grades.


Our work is dedicated to funding and delivering charitable services, programs, and activities that impact the growth, development, and overall learning experience that all learners need to be successful. 

Our Vision: We believe every student should have access to an education that is individualized and intellectually stimulating.


Our Mission: Our educational opportunities promote confidence and foster self-discipline while allowing each student to become comfortable with their individual learning process. We acknowledge differences among students, which is why we help those who are uninspired or overburdened with their academic workload.

Our Initiatives

Students will achieve academic success by addressing individual needs and obstacles often overlooked in a traditional classroom setting. We believe we can effectively impact the lives of students with "our big 3" initiatives:


STEM Literacy

Promote STEM Literacy by providing STEM-based books and early literacy intervention programs to families, local schools, and organizations


STEM Discovery

Promote STEM Discovery by providing STEM-based exploration through field studies, trips, and hands-on experiences 


STEM Exploration

Promote STEM Exploration through STEM-based learning experiences through camps, STEM kits, and tutoring opportunities 

Make A Difference

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